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The Beginning

Lady Alma built a career singing soulful house music, beginning in the late 1990s

The remake of a 1980s dance classic “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.”, she recorded with DJ King Britt featured Lady Alma and then-partner Tanja Dixon on his debut album “When The Funk Hits the Fan.” propelled her solo career into high gear. She toured extensively singing on stages across the globe.

The Detour

11 years ago, everything came to a screeching halt as Lady Alma . Her mother became extremely ill, and Lady Alma became a full-time caregiver. The new role was emotionally draining and mentally anguishing. Her mother died in 2017. The experience led Lady Alma to pen the song “Let It Fall” “At the time when I wrote the tune, I was not writing it for the world. I was writing it to heal myself,” Lady Alma said. “It was therapy in a sense for me.” Lady Alma believes that her mother was a spiritual force behind her. “She has opened a path for me to get back to music,” Lady Alma said. “I took a back seat for 10 years after writing that tune to take care of her. And I think that she was ready. I was prepared if she was ready. “And I think she made it open for me to get back to helping heal the world.”

The Road Back

Lady Alma owes much of her resurgence to a now-viral video. A South African DJ, The General De Kok, whose real name is Koketso Mothapo, recorded a video of Nhlaka Mncwabe (whom he didn’t know at the time); lip-syncing and dancing to a song — Lady Alma’s “Let it Fall.” “When I saw the guy singing the song, I was like, ‘Wow,’” Mothapo said. “I was just blown away. I was just shooting somebody who was appreciating the music.”  Hear more from our WERUradio Artist Spotlight featured on our radio station.

Mothapo uploaded the video to Facebook, and it went viral with more than 17 million views to date. General De Kok spoke with Nhlaka later. He learned Nhlaka had heard the song when he was 16 years old. Mothapo said. “Nhlaka was going through a rough patch … that is why he sang that song with passion because it really uplifted him.”

“I was just floored,” Lady Alma said she heard about the video on Twitter. “At the time, it was more about him vibing to my music and lip-syncing exactly like me.”

“So here I am now, and I’m working, and I’m very grateful for the song and for Nhlaka and The General for showing me how music, how house music, just touches people in other continents,” Lady Alma said.

Lady Alma said she continues to message the two men on social media. And hopes to meet them in person someday.

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